Finn Balor says the Demon persona became a crutch for him in WWE but assured that the character is not dead and will return when the time is right.

Finn Balor’s ascension in the WWE began in NXT. He became the champion of the young brand and on his shoulders, NXT grew and prospered. He eventually moved to the main roster and became the inaugural WWE Universal Champion in less than a month’s time.

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Balor has since returned to the NXT and has once again become the champion on the black and yellow brand after beating Adam Cole. Unlike his first reign however, Balor is a much more serious character this time around.

Gone are the days when he was always smiling. He now has a no-nonsense attitude and seems to only care about the end goal. The character refresh has worked brilliantly for him and he has now claimed that this is the reason why he doesn’t want to bring back the Demon persona.

Finn Balor says the Demon persona became a crutch for him in WWE

The demon persona was originally meant to be a warpaint meant to unsettle his opponents. In the WWE however, the look was given its own character. While the demon was a popular special attraction for the WWE universe, Balor claims it undermined the character of Finn.

“I feel like The Demon was supposed to be a one-off in Tokyo Dome, Japan and it grew into this completely separate entity that for some time I had control over and then eventually it just kind of spun out of control,” Balor told Digital Spy.

“I feel like the main element that The Demon had was the element of surprise and I feel like we lost that in a sense and it became more like a crutch for Finn.”

However, Balor confirmed that the fans hadn’t seen the last of the demon. He assured that the persona would return one day but only when the time was right.

But that doesn’t mean fans will never see The Demon again. “It’s definitely not dead and buried,” Finn continued.

“I feel like there’s a time and place for everything but right now I feel like The Demon character is something that would maybe be a step in the wrong direction for what I’ve done over the last 11 months in NXT.

“So there will be a time and a place where we get The Demon versus Bray Wyatt; where we get The Demon versus Braun Strowman; where we get The Demon versus Brock Lesnar, but right now I’m interested in defending the NXT Championship.

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