F1 Driver Salary: Sebastian Vettel has been announced as the new Aston Martin driver from 2021 season, with time with Ferrari is up.

Sebastian Vettel long before in the season declared that he will leave Ferrari by the end of this season, and soon his rumours to join Aston Martin (now Racing Point) in 2021 emerged.

Several weeks after that the team has announced the deal signed with Vettel amidst his final days at Ferrari. On the other hand, Sergio Perez announced his departure just a night before this.

Vettel most probably is going to pair up with Lance Stroll, who came third at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix. With this, Vettel’s arrival at Racing Point is going to be interesting, while his predicaments at Ferrari are almost over.

F1 Driver Salary- How much money will Sebastian Vettel will bag

Sebastian Vettel has reportedly signed a three-year-old deal with Aston Marti. Before the move, Vettel was the 2nd highest earning current F1 driver.

Meanwhile, According to Gazzetta, the Vettel Aston Martin deal will see the 33-year-old bag € 15m per year ($17.7 million). He will also be named the ambassador for the car manufacturer Aston Martin.

This is a huge pay cut taken by Vettel as he used to earn around $30-36 million at Ferrari till his last contract with the Italian outfit. This pay cut will definitely take him down in the list of highest-earning drivers drastically.

Vettel doesn’t have a huge amount to boast through advertisements and endorsements, but it isn’t clear how much he will make from the reported role of Aston Martin car.

Whatever it would be, certainly it will not make up for how much he currently earns at Ferrari.


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