Dave Meltzer Critises Rusev For Calling Randy Orton The Greatest Heel Ever. Rusev made this claim during a live stream.

Former WWE Superstar Rusev is making rounds with his Twitch stream, and quite frequently does a Q & A session with his audience. So, in one of his recent sessions he was asked to give his opinion on the largely debated question, “Who is the greatest heel of all time”, and anybody who is a WWE enthusiast must have mulled over about its most viscous villain. However, Rusev did not gave a tactful answer to this, instead straightway took Randy Orton’s name.

Dave Meltzer Critises Rusev For Calling Randy Orton The Greatest Heel

Randy Orton has been a part of the promotion for almost 2 decades now, and he has performed most of his action as a heel. In his in-ring career he has exhibited some wicked acts to get the tag as one of the best heels. But, when Rusev identified him as the best of all, popular journalist Dave Meltzer came out strong at him. Meltzer took to twitter to criticise Rusev and wrote, “How many Buddy Rogers, Sheik, Stevens, Blassie, Piper, Valentine etc. live matches have you seen to make this “ever” distinction? The best today, that’s a valid opinion you can make. Ever? Please.”

Dave Meltzer has been covering combat sports since 1983, therefore his take on the question might have some validity. But every person may present a different opinion, and so did Rusev, 35, who himself worked as a Heel for most part in his WWE stint (2010-20). He was released by WWE in April 2019, and later he announced his retirement in July.

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