Toto Wolff F1: There are speculations that the Mercedes Team Principal will leave his role at the end of the current season.

Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff has spoken out on rumors that he will leave his role at the end of the season. Wolff hinted that he is indeed going to discontinue as the Team Principal, but would continue with Mercedes in a different role. He also spoke highly of his relationship with Mercedes and its leadership, calling it “my place”.

“I love this team and I get along with Ola Kallenius (Daimler chairman) fantastically. I think this is my place. It is just that eight years in this team as a team principal are taking its toll, and this is something that I’m reflecting on.”

“It is important to take the right decision for my family and myself, but you can be sure that I will be involved in this team in some way or other.”

Wolff’s Team Principal role mandates him to travel and attend every Grand Prix race in a season. This limits the time he spends with his wife and family, something which he is looking to change. Wolff has revealed he has spoken to both the Mercedes CEO and his wife Susie about it. For those unaware, Susie Wolff runs the Venturi Formula E team.

“Susie is in a good place running a Formula E team, that means she is away a lot. I’ve been on God knows how many races and that’s something we are thinking about.”

“It’s down to the discussion between Ola and myself. We want to do the best for the team, to continue to see the team prosper. I really enjoy the role. My plan is to continue, but I never want to be in the situation that you are becoming from very good to good.”

Lewis Hamilton will win even after I quit – Wolff

Wolff also spoke about his relationship with star driver Lewis Hamilton, calling it strong professionally. He also expressed confidence that Hamilton will continue to win even if Wolff decides to quit Mercedes. This is a strong statement of intent for Hamilton from the F1 Boss of Mercedes. Wolff however says that even if Hamilton leaves, it will not have a drastic bearing on Mercedes’ prospects.

“Our relationship is strong, as far as a professional relationship allows. We are friends.”

“But if I decided to quit, he would continue to win because there are so many good people in the team. It’s just as if he had to quit we would lose a great driver, but Mercedes would not start losing championships as long as we have the best car and the best drivers.”

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