Buccaneers running back LeSean McCoy has been in the NFL for 11 seasons and during that time, he’s played with a total of 14 different starting quarterbacks, including two Super Bowl MVPs. From Patrick Mahomes to Mark Sanchez to Kevin Kolb, McCoy has seen every end of the talent spectrum. 

This year, McCoy will be adding a new starting quarterback to his list when he takes the field Tom Brady, which obviously begs the question: Who’s the best quarterback that McCoy has ever played with? 

Luckily for us, the running back actually had an answer for that exact query when he was asked about it during a recent Q&A with the Buccaneers social media team. 

“Well, technically, I haven’t played with Tom Brady yet, but it would be Tom Brady, for sure,” McCoy said. “But if I had to — dang, I forgot Mahomes! Brady would be No. 1, obviously, even though we haven’t played in a game. It would go Brady, Mahomes, and then Mike Vick, and then Donovan McNabb.”

That’s actually a really interesting answer for a multitude of reasons. For one, not only did he almost forget that Mahomes exists, but he also left one Super Bowl MVP off his list entirely (Nick Foles). It’s kind of surprising that McCoy didn’t mention Foles and that’s because the best season of McCoy’s career came in a year where Foles was his starting quarterback. 

Back in 2013, McCoy led the NFL in rushing when he ran for a career-high 1,607 yards. A big reason McCoy had so much success was because of how well Foles played. The Eagles quarterback was nearly unstoppable as he threw 27 touchdown passes to just two interceptions in a season where Philadelphia went 8-2 over Foles’ 10 starts (Vick started six games that season and went 2-4). 

As for McNabb, although he’s one of the best quarterbacks in Eagles franchise history, McCoy only got to play with him for one season (2009), which probably explains why he’s ranked behind Vick. 

One thing that does make sense is the fact that Brady is ranked first overall. McCoy isn’t stupid, and even if he thought Mahomes was a better quarterback, there’s no way he’d slight his new teammate by putting him behind the Chiefs QB on a list of best quarterbacks. Also, let’s not forget that Brady was a big reason why McCoy even decided to sign with Tampa. 

“Nice weather and I’m playing with Tom Brady,” McCoy said when asked why he signed with Tampa, via NFL.com. “How can you beat that?”

If you’re wondering about the other quarterbacks that McCoy has played with during his career, here’s the full list: Brady, Mahomes, Vick, McNabb, Foles, Sanchez, Kolb, Vince Young, Tyrod Taylor, EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, Josh Allen, Matt Moore, Nathan Peterman, Derek Anderson. 

Maybe next time, he can rank all 15. 


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