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For the first time in the conference semi-finals between Boston Celtics and the Raptors, one side managed to outshine the other in each department of the game. In what has been a gruelling and hardly contested series, Boston thumped the Raptors 111-87 in game 5 to ease closer to the conference finals.

The lead was not the only thing which Boston Celtics cherished from that outing. Rather, it was the overwhelming manner in which they toped with the Raptors, pacifying their attack and converting with a high rate themselves which imbues the side with gargantuan momentum ahead of the impending game 6.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks

Point Guard


Kyle Lowry, 8,200

For the first time in the series, Kyle Lowry failed to come up with a behemoth showing infront of the rim but that won’t stop us from opting for him. The Raptors’ point guard has been in succulent touch in the playoffs, someone who has not only downed triples but laid up the ball for his counterparts in pinch perfect positions as well.

Shooting Guard


Jaylen Brown, 7,600

Jaylen Brown is turning out to be the game winner for Boston against the Raptors. The player is untenable at the moment, someone who is quenching his insatiable thirst for points from the deep with Brown pulling off an astounding 27 points the last time around.


Gary Harris, 4,600

Looking fully settled after having recovered from his injury, Gary Harris is back doing what he does best. The point guard shot 10 points, 6 assists and 4 rebounds in game 3, a performance which alluded to his calibre.

Small Forward



Michael Porter Jr., 5,200

Denver’s Michael is making full use of his appearances inside the bubble. Initially only slotted as a substitute to fil in for the side in the tedious seeding round, Porter went from strength to strength to deliver a staggering 18-10 double-double the last time around.

Norman Powell, 3,900

Opting for Powell was an extremely tricky decision for us but we nonetheless decided to venture in with his selection. The small forward came up with his best performance of the series the last time as he dropped 16 points in limited minutes to see us decide to indulge in him for the outing.

Power Forward


Daniel Theis, 5,400

Daniel is doing everything within his limits to script a series win for his side. He was once again unstoppable inside both the paints as he pulled off a resplendent 15-10 double-double to make him an instant pick for us today.

Marcus Morris Sr. 4,900

He’s a steady source of points, a player who has utilised his reverse scoops and spin and slams to keep registering points in the paint to see Marris retain his position in our setup.



Nikola Jokic, 9,900

As long as Nikola is in fluent touch, Denver Nuggets know they can easily fulfil their designs of progressing from the series. The centre was once again the fulcrum of both attack and defence for the club as he accrued a well versed 30-12 double-double to see us yet again induct him in our ambit.

DraftKings NBA DFS Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.



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