Latest Twitch Rivals Schedule: Twitch Rivals is back with some exciting action this weekend. Read more and check out the latest schedule and prizes from the streaming platform Twitch.

The three games which are gaining massive popularity have been part of Twitch Rivals schedule regularly. These games have not only a high viewership but also are highly competitive.

The first is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Twitch already announced Fall Guys Friday and now they are seeing it through. Fall Guys Friday will happen this week on August 11th at 1.00 PM PT. The latest MOBA sensation has recently been plagued by lots of instances of cheating. A lot of players have been reporting instances of hackers jumping higher or running faster.

The Developers announced an update in the coming weeks to rectify this constant issue in the gaming industry.

Twitch Rivals Schedule

Game Date Time
Fall Guys Friday September 11 1:00 pm PT
League of Legends Team Draft September 14 2:00 pm PT
Faze Face off ( CPD Warzone) September 17 2:00 pm PT
Fall Guys Friday Europe September 18 10:00 am PT
League of Legends Group Stage September 22 1:00 pm PT
League of Legends Playoff September 23 1:00 pm PT

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The second competition is the FaZe Clan Face-off. FaZe Clan announced a $75,000 prize-pool for the Call of Duty: Warzone tournament on Twitch Rivals. The event will feature the participation of popular content creators including famous singers and athletes. They have partnered with Twitch Rivals to create a whole slew of tournaments.

The third event is a League of Legends Showdown, in which players compete in 1v1 or 2v2 format. The Draft for the Showdown will happen this weekend, on September 14th at 2 PM PT. The group stage action will begin on September 22nd, 1.00 PM PT and the playoff will happen on 23rd.


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