Known for his shrewdness and ruthless aggression, here’s an incident where Mr. McMahon showed patience instead of yelling You’re Fired.

Former WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam threw light upon the not so tougher side of Vince McMahon, and revealed an incident where he was caught in possession of Marijuana, and was left with no choice but to inform WWE chairman about the situation that he was beleaguered in. Following which, Boss’s reaction came out, which he believes “Couldn’t Have Been Cooler.” RVD enjoyed a great spell with the WWE in early 2000s, when he was the custodian of multiple championships.

What Was The Incident?

In an Interview with Wrestling Inc, former WWE champion Rob Van Dam, recalled the night when he and Sabu (Also former WWE professional) were pulled over for over speeding, and what transpired afterwards. “If anybody semi-doesn’t know what we’re talking about, I had the WWE and the ECW Championship, got pulled over for speeding in Ohio, and the car smelled like weed and they found 18 grams of marijuana plus whatever we had in our vitamins. So Sabu, right away, was like, ‘we got to call him and tell him.’ I’m like, ‘what? Are you crazy? What do we tell him?’ I didn’t think they were going to find out, but by the time we got to the arena, everybody already knew. It was on every form of media, and Vince, when we saw him the first time, he walked right by us in the hallway.”

Mr McMahon’s Reaction“He was not ready to talk to us. I was like, ‘eh, that didn’t feel good,’ and he was mad. A couple a couple hours later, after he had a chance to talk to his advisors and come up with a plan of how they were going to handle that because that wasn’t the plans for me to drop the championship that night and the next night. He was cool then. The next time I saw him, he said, ‘look, you’re going to be suspended for 30 days. You’re going to drop the championships. Just take this 30 days and get some rest.’ Couldn’t have been cooler.”


Though Van Dam dodged a bullet that day, but his image got affected and his career saw the brunt. His in-ring character was demoted following the incident, and consequently his stint with WWE could not last much longer. However, he made a comeback in 2013, yet could not make a lasting impact.

Rob Van Dam’s Relation With Mr McMahon

RVD also talked about his and Vince’s relation, and said “He’s always just been super cool to me. I know that other people see different sides of him, just like with anybody, but I got nothing but respect for him and no stories of him ever being an a–hole to me or around me.”

“Because of Rob Van Dam, the wrestlers are going to live longer”

“Wrestlers ask me for advice often, and I’m glad that the current generation is smoking marijuana and not eating handfuls of pills and alcohol like my generation did and they’re going to live long because of that. The athletic style that requires you to really take care of yourself, you can’t be out at the bar drinking till 5:00 in the morning like the wrestlers of the ’70s or ’80s. So basically because of Rob Van Dam, the wrestlers are going to live longer.”

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