Kyle Kuzma was his usual outspoken self on Twitter today. He noted that he’d have ‘issues for real’ if the media voted for Giannis over LeBron as MVP.

MVP favorite Giannis Antetokounmpo and the top-seeded Milwaukee Bucks were knocked out of the playoffs yesterday, losing 103-94 and 4-1 to the Miami Heat. Giannis himself could not play Game 5 with injury. The Lakers, on the other hand, took a 2-1 lead in their Conference Semifinals against the Rockets. These games will have no impact on the MVP voting, which closed over a month ago.

Kyle Kuzma wants media to recognize LeBron James as the season MVP

LeBron James has reiterated himself as the best player in the world through his performances in his first 8 playoff games for the Lakers. They have been in cruise control so far, losing only 2 of their 8 games. The Rockets were expected to present a tough challenge, but Rajon Rondo’s performances yesterday put the game beyond their reach.

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Earlier in the playoffs, Giannis was revealed as the Defensive Player of the Year this season. Many felt that Anthony Davis was more deserving of the award. AD got 10 first place votes in comparison to 75 for Giannis, so it was essentially a landslide victory for the Greek Freak. Many expect the MVP voting to see a similar pattern.

The regular season MVP award this season will be limited only to pre-bubble games. Giannis had jaw-dropping counting stats while playing fewer than 31 minutes per game. LeBron James had the best assist season of his career. But the presence of AD on the Lakers detracted from his MVP case for many.


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