In the follow-up of Nate Diaz’s recent comment, with which he tried to depict his own version of reality, it is Leon Edwards who has fired a shot at Diaz, and gave him a befitting reply.

From weeks Edwards has been calling out Jorge Masvidal, and has presented clear intentions to fight him. However, “Gamebred” has remained silent, and did not answered any of the calling. Yet, Leon kept digging, and on September 7, he finally got a response not from Masvidal but from Nate Diaz. Diaz in a Twitter post, not only targeted Edwards for his continuous seeking, but also tried to take down Khabib Nurmagomedov.

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Rocky’s Reply

On the following day, Rocky reverted to the Stockton Slugger’s claims, and has seemingly initiated a back and forth. Leon threw a reply on the same post, and stated “Dont get punked? You been getting punked in the cage since 2009 bro you got almost as many losses as wins. You dont belong in big boy talk sit down”

In a different context, earlier in the day, it was revealed by Dana White, that once Nate Diaz rejected to go up against Khabib Nurmagomedov. This came after Diaz conveyed that Edwards and Khabib are in last place in the pecking order to fight him.


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So, Nate Diaz suffered a double whammy in the follow-up, but still a lot to look forward as he most probably will throw a shot back at Leon Edwards.

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