Shawn Michaels had among the funniest reactions to Pascal Siakam’s inadvertent kick to Daniel Theis’s face during the Raps’ 111-89 loss in Game 5.

The ‘Heartbreak Kid’ is one of the most iconic WWE wrestlers of all time. His finishing move called ‘Sweet Chin Music’ is exactly what the name indicates – a well-aimed kick to the chin. Shawn Michaels usually stays within his specialist domain of the WWE on social media. But Siakam’s kick was too good an opportunity for a well-time troll post to let go for the WWE legend.

Shawn Michaels advises Siakam to not try WWE moves on the basketball court

The Showstopper took to Twitter to playfully berate Siakam’s kick-out onto Daniel Theis’s chin yesterday. Michaels definitely meant no harm and it was taken all in good spirits by his followers in the reply tweets as well.

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The incident provided Michaels with a ready-made opportunity to gloat about his greatest move as well. Ranked the second greatest WWE wrestler of all time by WWE, Michaels’ sweet chin music move had an entire generation of fans trying and failing to copy it. Michaels’ Twitter game seems to have reached new heights from the looks of it as well.

Pascal Siakam doesn’t have nearly the legacy that Michaels has in his own sport. But he may have an opportunity to get close to it if he can get the Raptors out of the 3-2 hole they currently find themselves in. The Raptors need him at his best.


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