Sebastian Vettel is in a dilemma with few prospects lying in front of him, which is causing a delay in his decision to announce his next destination.

Sebastian Vettel, the 4-time World Champion is all set to deboard Ferrari by the end of this season, but he still hasn’t mentioned his next destination.

Despite his strong rumours with Racing Point, there are certain points which are constantly postponing his move. According to a piece by the Motorsport, there are two reasons behind his big dilemma.

One is Racing Point’s longstanding case against Renault and Ferrari for allegedly copying Mercedes’ 2019 car and the trends in the investigation are not helping Racing Point in any way.

On the other hand, Vettel is also considering to wait until Lewis Hamilton announces his decision to remain with Mercedes or not. In all likeliness, Hamilton might give another year to the German team.

Racing Point need to present to impress Sebastian Vettel

The German racer still has a couple of years to give in the sport and he most likely needs Racing Point to present constructive project so that he can gloriously bow out from Formula 1.

Whereas, he would also be needing clarity on his role in the team, considering Lance Stroll pins a lot of weight in the team, with his father Lawrence Stroll fuels the functioning of the team.

Apart from all of it, Racing Point’s current controversy doesn’t project a decent vibe to someone like Vettel. Thus, the German driver is probably waiting for Racing Point to clear off the air around the fiasco they are involved in.

As of now, Vettel is spending his last few days with Ferrari and they are certainly not going to be memorable for him with the Italian team having a tough time on the track.


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