Randy Orton likes tweet poking fun at WWE Third Party Ban. The WWE have since laxed their policy on third party apps. That however, hasn’t stopped others from making fun of them.

The biggest talking point in wrestling over the last few days has been WWE’s stance regarding their performers’ presence on third party platforms. It was earlier reported that the company was not too keen on their stars using these sites to interact with fans. They even threated them with fines and termination of contract if they did not stop engagement with these sites.

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It has since emerged that WWE Superstars are allowed to use sites such as YouTube and Twitch. However, they can only do so under their real name. This though, hasn’t stopped others from laughing at the WWE and Vince McMahon for their attempt to control the lives of men and women they’ve labelled as ‘Independent Contractors’.

Randy Orton likes tweet poking fun at WWE Third Party Ban

Twitter handle, “WWE Creative Humor” recently referenced the WWE’s third party ban policy. They wrote: “I sure hope @DMcIntyreWWE isn’t an ambulance driver on the side. You know how I feel about Superstars doing anything outside of the @WWE” – @VinceMcMahon #WWERAW

WWE Superstar and the current number one contender to the WWE Championship Randy Orton liked the tweet.

This is interesting because unlike many backstage that are constantly terrified of Vince, Orton is one of the few who can stand up to the boss. Him liking this tweet is perhaps an indication of what the other superstars think of their Chairman at the moment. Or it could just be Randy being Randy.

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