NFL Jersey Exchange: As most of the NFL fans know that is a tradition between player’s to exchange their jerseys after a game.

This is done as a way of showing mutual respect and admiration but this year it will be different.

This might sound a little strange but the NFL has banned the postgame exchanges on the field in the interest of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the league will facilitate jersey exchanges once the jerseys have been cleaned.

The league has also informed player’s that if they want to exchange their jerseys, they must contact their equipment manager who will in return remove the contact tracing device, sanitize clean and ship it to the opponent’s equipment manager.

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Players aren’t allowed to exchange jerseys after the NFL’s “Crucial Catch” and “Salute to Service” games, as the league collects those and auctions them off for cancer and military fundraisers.

Many players like the game worn jerseys because they still have dirt marks, stains, grass bits all over, many players can agree that it will not be the same since it’s cleaned and sanitized and mailed to them.

The NFL’S policy of wearing masks during games or even a few teams who’ve not allowed spectators to support their teams 

The NFL’S taken strict standards regarding the safety of the players at all levels.

Even though the player’s cannot exchange their game day jersey, a sanitized jersey should suffice well something’s better than nothing


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