The NBA is great. Basketball is great. But flopping is one of the most annoying aspects about the game. It leads to so many excessive foul calls, which lead to reviews, which lead to super long games sometimes.

A lot of players do it, and you can’t really blame them because they’re rewarded for it. They absolutely should do it.

But what they should not do is call out other players for flopping when they’re doing it, too. That’s what Patrick Beverley tried to do after Monday night’s Clippers win over the Nuggets.

When talking about what it’s like to guard Nikola Jokic, he made sure to note the Nuggets center does a lot of “flailing” and putting pressure on the officials to make the right calls. He even compared him to Luka Doncic who, by the way, absolutely roasted Beverley in the first round.

“He presents the same thing Doncic presents…Luka presents. A lot of flailing. You know, puts a lot of pressure on the referees to make the right calls.” 

That’s hilarious coming from Beverley, who is absolutely known as one of the league’s most frequent floppers. NBA fans called him out on it.

Talk about the pot meeting the kettle. Sheesh. Nikola Jokic also had the perfect response to it all.

Fair point.


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