NBA DFS 9/8 And Fantasy Team Picks, Studs, Values, Projections, Match Centre on September 5: Milwaukee look to emulate their gritty showing from game 4 with the series on the line for the club

They looked set to exit the conference semi-finals with absolutely nothing going their way once again in game 4. However, Eastern Conference leaders Milwaukee Bucks decided it was finally time to pull up their socks with the team pulling off a display worthy of their stature as the league’s most stringent and sternest defence in the league.

A remarkable show of fortitude and vigour in quarter 4 saw the side string together a robust showing to force the tie into overtime. They eventually prevailed on the day to maintain relevance in NBA 2019-20 to bring down the deficit to 3-1 in their showdown against Miami Heat.

DraftKings NBA DFS Picks 9/8

Point Guard 


Goran Dragic, 7,200

He shot below 20 points for the first time in the series but that does nothing to keep us away from Goran Dragic. In what was a subliminal performance from the point guard, he managed to shoot 17 points along with layup 7 assists for his side with his quick break points serving the side fruitfully.


Rajon Rondo, 3,900

The Lakers badly needed someone to take the load off scoring from Davis and James. And Rondo did exactly that in game 2 as his return from injury signalled a return to winning ways for the Lakers courtesy of the triples he shot from the corners.

Shooting Guard


Tyler Herro, 5,300

This is truning into a pathbreaking series for the Heat shooting guard. He’s made massive inroads in the league in only his second year with him exulting his expansive skill set with a triple in the last minute of the side’s scrimmage against Milwaukee.

Donte DiVincenzo, 3,500

He accrued 10 points and 5 rebounds for Milwaukee in game 4, a performance which saw him do everything right at the crucial junctures. He might not be the most articulate of shooters but Donte shot the point equally free throw for his side in the closing stages to push the tie into overtime.

Small Forward


Duncan Robinson, 4,700

Duncan Robinson just couldn’t be stopped from the deep the last time around. In a low scoring fixture, his 20 point performance made life extremely jittery for Milwaukee who had no answer to Duncan’s ability to open the zone with his handles. 

Power Forward


Anthony Davis, 10,600

His finger injury hasn’t deterred him from taking to the court in the series and it won’t today either. Despite nursing that injury, Davis top scored for Los Angeles Lakers with a behemoth 34 points as his presence inside the paint emerged as a cumbersome and searing headache for the Rockets.


Jae Crowder, 5,800

He was injured when he took to the court the last time around, making Crowder’s 18 point showing all the more special. His windmills, second chance points and jump shots made him an untenable figure inside the paint to see him be an instant pick for us today.


Bam Adebayo, 8,700

Adebayo has taken matters into his own hands for the Heat in the semi-finals. His 26-10 showing in game 4 well documented that narrative as the centre emerged as a force in both the paints, a face who is spearheading his side’s charge into the finals.

DraftKings NBA DFS Team Disclaimer

All our selections are based on in-depth and astute analysis of the players partaking in the match and a perusal of other reasoning. Please incorporate a slew of factors while crafting your own side with this article serving as a guide to the match and players.



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