Nick Young took to Twitter to explain why he thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo’s future does not lie in the city of Milwaukee today.

Much has been made of the Milwaukee Bucks falling into a 3-0 hole in their Eastern Conference Semifinals series against the Miami Heat. Giannis himself played below his usual levels in the first 3 games.

He went off injured in the 2nd quarter of Game 4, which the Bucks won in overtime to keep their playoff hopes alive for 2 more days.

Nick Young thinks Giannis Antetokounmpo will leave Milwaukee

Nick Young, a career journeyman in the NBA, has been out of a job for nearly 2 years now. He last played a game for the Denver Nuggets in December 2018.

But his 11+ years of experience as a swingman in the league make him knowledgeable enough about fellow players’ tendencies. Giannis has been rumoured to have been seeking a move away in the past few days. Young’s comment adds more fuel to the fire.

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Young doesn’t exactly pinpoint here why he thinks Giannis will move from Milwaukee. But given that he talks about ‘family’ in the post, a reasonable guess can be made that he’s pointing to the racial segregation in the city. Milwaukee has long been one of the worst segregated cities in the USA.

Giannis’s teammate Sterling Brown is embroiled in a litigation case against Milwaukee Police Department.

This was on the basis of them using excessive force on him for being a black man in a case of a parking violation. In the backdrop of the recent BLM movement escalation, one can only expect that Giannis will want better lives for his kids.


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