Best Fantasy Premier League Team: Looking at the Best FPL 2020/21 Team Picks and and the Reason to Pick Them.

We are just a week away from the start of the season, and you might have already started working out different combinations before you can lock down the final draft. I was waiting for Messi transfer saga to get over and it is finally over. So, here comes the first draft of my team.

Fantasy Premier League Goalkeeper:

McCarthy: My goalkeeper strategy is always to go for 4.5m keeper, so that I can spend the money on the attack. Also, getting a costly keeper means that he won’t be getting points for saves as he probably plays for a better team. No save points, hence, no bonus points as well. There are only two viable 4.5m options. Ryan (Brighton) and McCarthy (Southampton). Considering the difficulties of the opening fixtures and form of Southampton from lockdown make the choice quite simple for me.

Fantasy Premier League Defenders:

Trent Alexander-Arnold: I still can’t get over the fact that we can get TAA for just 7.5m. 5 goals and 28 assists from last 2 seasons, and he is just getting better at it. The playmaking of Liverpool depends upon the form of fullbacks and when one of them is on corners and freekicks as well, it is quite difficult not to choose him in the squad. Robertson is equally good as TAA, so if you really want to squeeze half a million for someplace better, go for it.

Vinagre: The departure of Doherty to Spurs makes the starting position of Vinagre even more secured. 4.5m Wolves fullback, who is a wingback when you consider the formation and gameplay of Wolves. Even though, first 2 fixtures are very tough, Vinagre is kind of an asset who can be a season keeper. He has shown the attacking potential during the later stages of the last season. So, if he offers some assist potential with Wolves clean sheets, you can’t ask for more.

Thomas: Thomas makes exactly similar case as Vinagre. Leicester hasn’t signed any LB after Chilwell’s transfer to Chelsea and Thomas started in the preseason friendly without getting subbed off. Leicester have a nice run of fixtures with a few difficult ones in between. Brendon Rodgers also likes to have his fullbacks push up the pitch and join the attack. So, another bargain at 4.5m, if Leicester keeps continuing their performance at the same level as last season.

Fantasy Premier League Midfielder:

Salah: Even though Salah’s point tally has been declining since his debut and record-breaking season with Liverpool, he still managed to get 233 points last season. Salah is always way ahead of rest of the players in FPL for potential goal involvement. He almost ticks the first place for number of shots, number of big chances, number of penalty box touches and he is on penalties as well. So even though Mane comes with the same price tag, I prefer Salah to have in my team. Irrespective of the poor form and conversion from him recently, Salah will keep getting the chances and he will eventually start putting into the back of the net.

Aubameyang: If Aubamenyang would have been a midfielder last season, he would have gotten the highest points in FPL. Fulham and West Ham as first two fixtures for Arsenal, Aubameyang should be the first pick in everyone’s team. He likes to score against the bottom half team and looking at his current form in FA cup, I don’t want to miss out on those points. He can be easily replaced with KDB, Sterling or Bruno from GW3 onwards where Arsenal fixtures are going to turn into a bit reddish.

Son: Son has been in pretty decent form scoring 4 goals in 3 matches in pre-season in absence of Kane. When I looked at the expected goal involvement for both of the players from last season, they were quite similar. Spurs have very favorable fixtures for a long time. So having a midfielder, who can get you an extra point for a goal and comes 1.5m cheaper with same involvement as England’s best striker, then why not?

Armstrong: Armstrong has scored 2 goals and 3 assists post lockdown and was one of the best midfielders in the 5-6m price bracket. I was considering Soucek and Saint-Maximin, but Soucek is likely to be out of the squad due to quarantine and I don’t see the selfishness in Saint-Maximin to own him as an FPL asset. You can still get a million if you choose to replace him with a 4.5m starter.

Fantasy Premier League Forward:

Werner: Scored within 4 minutes of Chelsea debut. Scored another one in match against Spain. After Lampard’s busy transfer window, we can see how he wants to transform Chelsea into one of the most exciting attacks to watch in the premier league. In the absence of Pulisic in initial weeks, Werner will have the responsibility of scoring goals and his Bundesliga records speak for itself. His price also lets us shuffle with any other premium option if he doesn’t start off well.

Ings: After socring 22 goals and almost won the golden boot from last season, Ings is one of the most reliant guys in FPL this season. Just one red fixture in the first 9 games and being involved in almost 50% of Southampton’s goals, I can see Ings continue his form this season as well. In case Southampton doesn’t do well, we can replace both Southampton assets with midrange midfielder-striker pair (Greenwood-Wood/Rodrigo).

Mitrovic: He has scored 26 goals in Championship last season and 11 goals before in Premier League. Like Ings, Mitrovic is the sole source for most of the Fulham goals and his availability at 6m seems a bit underpriced. Fulham have relatively easy fixtures on paper till GW9. So even if Mitrovic return in half of those games, it will be considered a pretty decent business.

Fantasy Premier League Bench:

Nyland: Just a random 4m keeper. Didn’t want to waste 0.5m to make someone as a backup keeper. I am happy to play McCarthy in all GWs.

Bissouma: Another cheapest 4.5m midfielder who is likely to start all games for Brighton. Happy to take 2 points in case I need them.

Mitchell: Crystal Palace’s woeful defense injury crisis still continues, and Mitchell is only one of the few defenders who is a match-fit to play. Roy Hodgson doesn’t have a choice to opt from his defenders currently. 4m and a guaranteed starter makes a perfect enabler.

Douglas: When you have 2 confirmed starting bench players, you don’t need to worry about your 3rd option, because if you are ever in need of a 3rd sub, then your team needs a massive transformation and probably a wildcard. Nevertheless, I have opted for Douglas because he started in 15 matches for Leeds last season and it’s always better than nothing for my 3rd sub.

This is the first draft and it is not the final one. Internationl break and pre-friendly matches are going on currently and transfer window is still open as well. Surely, there will be some changes to the final draft but this can give you a basic idea to start working on your drafts, in case you haven’t already.

Happy team Picking!

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