Skip Bayless has high hopes for the Houston Rockets and has predicted the outcome of the Lakers vs Rockets playoff series.

Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have always been on opposite sides of the spectrum when it came to their opinions on LeBron James.

Shannon Sharpe has been a LeBron James ‘stan’ for a very long time now, claiming he is the undisputed GOAT of the NBA.

Skip Bayless however, could not disagree more, as he constantly says that Michael Jordan is the GOAT, while taking jabs at James whenever he can,

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That is not the case today, as both Sharpe and Bayless agree on the Lakers winning this series. The way in which Lakers win, is what they debated on UNDISPUTED.

What are Skip Bayless’s and Shannon Sharpe’s differing views?

Shannon Sharpe did not waste any time by claiming the Los Angeles Lakers will win this series in 5 quick games. He also predicted that the Lakers will 100% win Game 1.

Skip Bayless was quick to proclaim that the series will go to a Game 7, and will, quote, “go to the last drop, the last shot.”

Bayless went on to praise Houston on the defensive end, calling them “scrappy” and says when they rotate on defence, “it’s like 8 guys are on defense instead of 5.”

Does Skip Bayless have a point with his claim?

Skip Bayless praised the Rockets’s defense, which is fair because they are 8th in defensive efficiency for this season. However, the Lakers’s defense ranked in the top 3 this season, which makes them statistically more efficient than the Rockets at defense.

The Houston Rockets also have PJ Tucker who surprisingly, has guarded Anthony Davis better than any other player in the league.

Both of these teams are offensive juggernauts, so defense will be the deciding factor of this series.


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