The NBA’s bubble playoffs has unquestionably given us a lot of great basketball that we should all be thankful for.

It feels like every single game is some stress inducing experience, even though a lot of us don’t even root for the teams that are playing. These games are somehow always close.

The playoffs have also undoubtedly delivered us some pretty incredible meme content. There was Anthony Davis, a panicky Kawhi Leonard and (somehow?) Drake.

Now, we’ve got Kyle Lowry and his huge smile.

After delivering a spectacular game winning pass to OG Anunoby on Thursday, Lowry ran over to hug is teammate and celebrate their miraculous win. You know, how teammates do.

But nobody was as happy as Lowry was. That was made clear by this absolutely ridiculous smile he let off.

Fam. What a smile. That is a happy, happy man. Get you somebody that smiles at you like Kyle Lowry smiles at, well, whatever.

NBA Twitter took this and ran with it. NBA on TNT built a whole smiling Kyle Lowry montage.

Then the jokes came. Ah, yes. The jokes. They turned him into a 90’s sitcom, y’all.

But, really, everyone just wants to be as happy as Lowry is someday.

Even the city of Toronto was in on it.

Shouts to Lowry for delivering a big Raptors win and the biggest smile of all-time. We needed that.


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