NBA 2k21 Locker Codes: From where to get the the lockers codes for New NBA 2k Game. Read more to find out details about Locker room codes, where you can get them and unlock cool features and players and even apparel.

The latest version of the popular Basketball video game NBA 2k is here. NBA 2k21 dropped across Xbox and PlayStation on September 4th.

Fans have been eagerly waiting for the game’s release. Despite a few server issues on launch day, there has been a massive response from the gaming community. The NBA 2k21 still doesn’t have the crossplay option, which is a bitter disappointment.

Nevertheless, NBA 2K21 has a slew of new features and teams, and gamers are eagerly looking for Locker Codes to get access to more exciting in-game rewards.

What is a Locker Code?

A Locker code is a text code which the gamer will enter in the game to get more rewards. You can get a player or even a pack in NBA 2k MyTeam.

NBA2k may also release codes for MyCareer which will help you gain levels quicker or give you access to new clothes.

Each Locker Code usually expires in one week. But, some Locker Codes never expire.

Earlier today, NBA 2K put out the following Tweet.

Where to get Locker Codes for NBA 2k Game?

  1. NBA 2K21 Twitter Account
  2. NBA 2K21 Myteam Twitter Account
  3. NBA 2k Website

Some of the Locker codes never expire. Enthusiastic gamers who want access to the Locker Codes which never expire can also check out this website.

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