Despite knocking down a season-saving gamewinner for the Toronto Raptors, OG Anunoby was measured and tranquil in his post-game interview just like Kawhi Leonard.

OG Anunoby is among the more clutch players of the NBA. Many will remember that LeBron hit a floater over him 2 seasons ago, but not that he’d tied up the game himself before that shot.

Anunoby has always been a laidback performer who likes to play within himself and in the flow of the game. He shot well in the limited opportunities he got. He also did a job on Jayson Tatum on the defensive end, causing a terrible shooting night for the All Star.

OG Anunoby describes his gamewinner as ‘cool’

Unlike the more boisterous Americans, UK-born Anunoby likes to play it cool. His post-game interview revealed as much. Most other people in his situation would have made the situation more about themselves. But the 23-year-old kept a straight face while giving a memorably assured performance in the interview.

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Fans were quick to compare OG Anunoby to Kawhi Leonard, who too is known for showing no emotion on and off the court. However, Kawhi did show a lot of emotion last season, when he knocked down the game winning 3 against 76ers.

Anunoby’s shot came in a pressure cooker situation. The Raptors had only 0.5 seconds to attempt a shot. The inbounds play had been drawn up by coach Nick Nurse for one of Pascal Siakam or Fred van Vleet. The Celtics were able to deny passes to both of these options. This left Kyle Lowry and the Raptors ad-libbing.

Lowry managed to lob a rainbow pass over the NBA’s tallest player in Tacko Fall, straight to OG on the opposite corner of the court. With Jaylen Brown flying in to contest the shot, Anunoby had the composure to shoot the ball with his usual shot mechanics. Anunoby remarked that ‘he knew it was going in’ in the interview.


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