ESPN’s Tony Reali has never shied away from talking honestly and openly about mental health, which is powerful because it’s a topic that affects a lot of people and the more it is discussed out in the open the more it will help people who need it.

Reali did that again before Thursday’s “Around the Horn” episode as he talked about how last week he suffered a number of intense anxiety attacks that left him unable to work one day, had him sweating through every sheet in his house, and had put him in a “full health meltdown.”

If you suffer from anxiety then you know how hard these attacks can be. If you don’t suffer from anxiety then consider yourself lucky. But you should also watch Reali’s discussion below, as it could help you understand what some people in your life might be going through.

Right now there is a lot going on in the world that can trigger these attacks and its important that we all know we aren’t alone when going through these things.

Take 6:50 and watch this:

He then later expanded on this thoughts in this Twitter thread that is a great read.

Thank you for sharing that, Tony.


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