Alex Rodriguez isn’t too pleased with the process he was put through while trying — and ultimately failing (for now anyways) — to buy the New York Mets. According to a report from Josh Kosman and Thornton McEnery of the New York Post, Rodriguez believes the sale is “fixed” and that the plan all along was to have billionaire Steve Cohen come out on top.

Rodriguez claims that he lost his shot to buy the team on Aug. 28, when the Mets’ banker, Steve Greenberg of Allen & Co., asked for a sneak peek at what Rodriguez was offering. That request was three days ahead of the official Aug. 31 deadline that the Mets had in place for bids.

Rodriguez granted the request, but later learned that the Mets were in talks with Cohen for the sale of the team. Cohen’s final bid was $2.35 billion. Rodriguez’s group reportedly offered $50 million more. 

As such, Rodriguez is now “convinced” that the Mets leaked his offer to Cohen so that the hedge fund billionaire could offer enough money for the franchise. Fred and Jeff Wilpon had set the Aug. 31 deadline for bids before granting Cohen an exclusive window to bid for the team. Cohen has spent the last several months attempting to strike a deal for the Mets, and almost had an agreement to take over the team in 2019 before it fell through. 

It’s worth noting that Major League Baseball still has to approve any deal, even if it is with Cohen. So if MLB rejects Cohen’s offer, Rodriguez’s group could put another bid in.


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