After Tom Brady made the decision to sign with Tampa Bay back in March, something happened to the Buccaneers that they’re not exactly used to: They became one of the hottest tickets in the NFL. After adding Brady, fans in Tampa swarmed the Buccaneers ticket office in hopes of scoring a seat to the team’s home opener. 

As it turns out though, it doesn’t matter if you got a ticket or not, because no one will be attending Brady’s first game in Tampa. The team announced this week that fans won’t be allowed to attend the Buccaneers home opener. The Bucs also made the decision to keep fans away for their second home game, which means Brady won’t get to play his first game in front of Tampa Bay fans until October at the earliest. 

In a normal season, there’s a good chance that every single game involving Brady (home or away) would have been a sellout this year, but due to the pandemic, Brady won’t be playing in front of a single fan until Week 3 at the earliest. 

In Week 1, the Buccaneers are traveling to New Orleans and the Saints have already announced that fans won’t be allowed to attend that game. In Week 2, the Buccaneers will be playing their home opener, and as the team announced, that game will also have an attendance that consists of zero fans.

During the 2020 season, the first chance Brady will have to play in front of fans will come in Week 3 when the Bucs travel to Denver. Although the Broncos have already announced that fans won’t be allowed to attend their home opener in Week 1, the team has left the door open for fans to possibly attend their second home game, which will come in Week 3 against Brady and the Buccaneers. 

If the Broncos decide to prohibit fans from showing up in Week 3, that means Brady’s next chance of playing in front of a live crowd won’t come until Week 5 in Chicago. The game against the Bears is scheduled for a Thursday night, and you have to think that the Bears would love to have some sort of crowd in attendance for a primetime game that features Brady. The Bears won’t have fans in the stands for their home opener, but after that, things are still up in the air. 

The earliest Brady might play in front of Tampa Bay’s home fans will come in Week 5 when the Bucs host the Packers. Although fans in Tampa will be missing out on Brady’s first two home games, the wait should be worth it, because fans at Raymond James Stadium are going to get something we almost never see in the NFL: Tom Brady vs. Aaron Rodgers. 

Of course, if conditions with the virus don’t improve, then Bucs will likely continue to keep fans away into November. Anyway, here’s a look at when fans might be allowed to see Brady play with the Buccaneers for the first time. 

Week 1 (Sept. 13): at Saints — NO FANS
Week 2 (Sept. 20): vs. Panthers — NO FANS
Week 3 (Sept. 27): at Denver — Fan policy still undecided
Week 4 (Oct. 4): vs. Chargers — NO FANS
Week 5 (Oct. 8): at Chicago — Fan policy still undecided
Week 6 (Oct. 18): vs. Green Bay — Fan policy still undecided


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