Former WWE Superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was tested Covid-19 positive. The 48-year-old took to Instagram to give an update about his health.

The Coronavirus pandemic is still very much hovering over the world in all stretch, and recently the deadly virus infected the global superstar, The Rock. The most electrifying man in all of entertainment, announced his misery via Instagram, and informed his followers that he along with his wife Lauren, and his two daughters Jasmine and Tiana, have all been infected, and have isolated themselves. However, he also conveyed it’s been almost 3 weeks since they found their result, and highlighted the struggles that he and his family endured over the period. Johnson disclosed, his daughters, showed mild symptoms, however he and his wife on the other hand had “A rough go”. Rock also mentioned the source from where he contracted the virus, and revealed the virus reached to them through some close friends.

Rock then brought into attention the encouraging news, which is that the they are no longer contagious now, and have succeeded in overcoming the danger.

The Rock Through IGTV Informed About His Plight

The Rock released a video of considerable length on his Instagram, and used the platform to also spread a message about discipline, and devised measures one should take to avoid the deadly disease.





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