On Thursday morning the NBA world was woken up forcefully with multiple reports that NBA Hall of Famer Steve Nash would take over as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Yes, that Steve Nash.

Nash has no NBA head coaching experience. He has no head coaching experience, period. He retired as a player in 2015.

Both Marc Stein and Adrian Wojnarowski reported the news, almost simultaneously, and the NBA world just went and about lost its collective head.

Current Nets assistant coach Jacque Vaughn, who was considered for the position, will stay on as an assistant, with a new contract that will make him one of the best paid assistants in the league.

Vaughn will presumably be there to help Nash get his sea legs, as again, Nash has no head coaching experience.

When the NBA world heard the news, everyone went bananas. This came out of nowhere. A team with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be coached by someone with no head coaching experience. Nash was most recently working as a soccer analyst for Bleacher Report and TNT. This is all so wild.

See the reactions:


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