NBA 2K21 Release: Where to buy NBA 2K21? Will NBA 2K21 be available for crossplay? We have less than 24 hours for the release of NBA 2K21. In this article, we will give you all the details about where and when you can buy the latest edition of NBA 2K.

The latest rendition of the highly-anticipated NBA video game 2K21 is getting players restless. There are so many questions about the release, the version which will be available on different platforms, and of course, the crossplay feature.

NBA 2K21 will be releasing within 24 hours. The official release date is September 4th. The developers have ensured that the current gen version of the game will be available on Xbox and PS4. The most important aspect is the next-gen upgrade for the PS5.

Its almost 2K day. Here is a look at the all the current-gen. You can even see the covers of the Mamba edition which is dedicated to the late Kobe Bryant.

Where to buy NBA 2K21?

As of right now, the game is available to be pre-ordered in the NBA 2K website. You can also purchase the game from the Amazon digital store.

Another avenue to purchase the latest version of the NBA 2K game is from GameStop. You can also purchase the next-gen version on Game Stop.

The current-gen version will be available for Xbox and PS4. You can also purchase the Mamba Edition. The current gen standard version will cost $59.99.

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Will NBA 2K21 have crossplay feature?

There will be no crossplay feature in this year’s rendition of the NBA 2K. This means you and your friends will all have to be on the same console to play together.

In an interview, the developers said it just doesn’t makes sense to put the game online.


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