I can just imagine LeBron James chilling at the NBA bubble, minding his own business … only to see his phone blow up thanks to Jay Williams’ take on the latest NBA Twitter debate.

On Wednesday night, Richard Jefferson likened Giannis Antetokounmpo to Scottie Pippen as a form of criticism. He basically said that Giannis — a player who is about to have back-to-back MVP awards — needed to find his own Michael Jordan (as if it’s that easy) in order to compete for championships.

Pippen himself roasted that take, and Williams responded to the tweet by saying LeBron was Dwyane Wade’s “Pippen.”

Let’s just say that LeBron wasn’t thrilled to be tossed into that argument. (NSFW language)

I mean, LeBron does have a point there. What does he have to do with that subject? Not every NBA talking about has to automatically revert back to LeBron.

Plus, if you’re even looking at LeBron’s time in Miami, Wade was the one who took more of a secondary role at least statistically to make way for LeBron — especially in the playoffs. But the Heat were a trio of All-Stars with LeBron, Wade and Chris Bosh. It was a totally different team composition than the Jordan/Pippen Bulls and a different NBA landscape.

So, yeah, maybe leave LeBron out of this one.


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