Jerax Dota 2: Omega League Divine divison; Jokes with Jerax as OG stomps Nigma in upper-bracket round 1. Team OG defeated Nigma 2-0 in the Omega League Divine division upper-bracket Round 1.Prior to the draft the panel interviewed Jerax, the former OG player and 2-time TI champion.

The first series of the Omega League Divine divsion Upper Bracket Round 1 was played earlier today between OG & Nigma. There was a lot of hype about the match up. This was the first time they played each other in the Omega league. Both the teams ended second in their groups and with 3-2 result in the group stage.

Before the game, the We Play! panel host “Sheever” & analysts “Slacks” and “Lacoste”  was joined by former OG player and Jerax. Jerax retired from professional Dota 2 in early 2020. He became the first two-time TI champion with OG in 2019. Jerax also confessed that he hasn’t played Dota 2 since August. During the interview, Jerax said he has been playing Valorant recently. However, Jerax also said he has no intentions or plans to go pro in Valorant.

 Team OG stomps Upper Bracket Round 1 against Nigma

OG and Nigma faced each other for the first time in the upper bracket round 1 of the Divine division of the Omega League. OG dominated the series and won 2-1. They were relentless as they outplayed Nigma in Game 1 and stomped them 44-12. Nigma showed signs of a comeback early in Game 2. However, that was also by some amazing movements and spell casting by Topson on the Void Spirit and Midone on the Luna.



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