LeBron James, who has been a force to reckon with his entire career, does not like him being called Pippen.

Imagine you’re LeBron James and you’re preparing for your next playoff series, away from all drama when your phone rings and it’s Jay Williams dropping you right in the said drama.

It all started when Richard Jefferson called Giannis ‘Pippen’ and implied that Giannis needs his Jordan. Jay Williams chimed in and quickly made a similar comparison and called the Heat Lebron Pippen to DWade’s Jordan.

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“I ain’t never been nobody but my damn self!” LeBron responds to Jay Williams

LeBron’s frustration is understandable. He has always tried to stay away from drama and comparison controversies, but the current NBA can’t have anything happen and anyone not mentioning LeBron.

The King once again reminded us that he has never been anyone except THE LEBRON JAMES.

“I am the second option”, Dwayne Wade jokingly talks about LeBron and himself in the Heat

Back in 2013, Dwayne Wade had called himself the second option to LeBron. He wasn’t totally wrong. LeBron led the team in scoring and assists while in all four of his seasons with the Heat. LeBron has been a leader right from the start of his career and has been second fiddle to none.

I think we can all agree that this notion by Jay Williams was a huge lapse on judgement on his end and move past this.


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