The NBA has allowed players to sport a social justice message on their jerseys in the restart. ‘Group Economics’ is one of the unconventional ones allowed.

Over 280 players at the NBA restart have sported a social justice message on the back of their jerseys in the NBA bubble. Most stars, with the exception of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard, have a meaningful message in place of their names.

Group Economics – NBA players with message on the back of their jersey

The meaning of group economics is essentially a group of people who have a common economic interest. This common economic interest then drives these people to actively pursue that interest in order to create a secure economy for all participants in that ‘group economics’.

African Americans in America could follow ‘group economics’ in a bid to have a secure future for themselves without much help from the outside.

Group economics is what fuels cooperatives, which dominate the dairy industry in many countries.

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Given that as a race, black people in America are one of the poorest ethnic groups in the country, group economics is a unifying idea. Those who have worn it on the back of their jerseys are essentially encouraging them to bond together and work for a common interest. It’s an empowering idea that needs to be embraced more often.

NBA players who have sported ‘Group Economics’ on the back of their jerseys in the restart are Andre Iguodala, Anthony Tolliver and Jabari Parker. Spencer Dinwiddie was supposed to have it on his jersey too, but he missed the restart entirely with injury.


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