“Winners like Winners” comments regarding Giannis leaving the Bucks if they don’t win the East this year.

Colin Cowherd took upon himself today to say what has been on all of our minds. On the Herd with Colin Cowherd, Colin picked up the topic of how Giannis might leave the Bucks if they don’t manage to win at least the Eastern Conference this year.

Giannis, being 25 years of age has a lot of basketball in him, and he has been having the time of his career right now. With an MVP trophy already in his pocket, and another one coming soon, he has been growing and getting better every day.

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With LeBron, Kawhi leaving the east, and KD and Kyrie being injured, now would be the perfect time for the Bucks to show that they’re the East’s champions. If they cannot manage to do it this year, it would not be any easier the years after. Khris Middleton and the rest of the Bucks have been known to ‘shrink’ in the playoffs, says Colin.

Colin isn’t the only one with the said thoughts. NBA editors and fans have all been anticipating/dreading the news that Giannis might join the Warriors.

“Winners like being around other Winners” Colin Cowherd

Giannis is a winner. He is an achiever and has been shining the past few years. Everyone knows that winners like being around other winners, and Colin just says it out loud.

The Bucks need to show Giannis that they can give him a home that has championship prospects in the future. Giannis having a career season propelled the Bucks to league-best record in the regular season, but that is not enough. The real battle starts in the postseason, and it’s not looking good for the Bucks right now.

Giannis to the Warriors? Other possible destinations

It is no secret that the Warriors are one of the best institutions in the league. They lack a forward right now, who can take a bit of the scoring responsibility off the shoulders of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, and also provide some defense.

Giannis to the Warriors might be a good deal for both the organizations. Giannis would get a battle proven support system in Curry, Thompson, and Green, and the Bucks would possibly get a young Andrew Wiggins, and a lot of draft picks, including this year’s #2 pick. If this happens, gone are the days where people called the Warriors a thing of the past.

Another possible location for Giannis is the Heat. I know how it must seem, but the Heat have a young core, who is showing a lot of mettle and grit in the playoffs. Giannis, along with Jimmy Buckets can bring back good days for Miami. In return, Bucks would be able to get either a veteran player and a young one, or two other players, along with some draft picks.



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