Scottie Pippen responds to Richard Jefferson’s recent comments about Giannis Antetokounmpo and did not hold back one bit.

Giannis and The Milwaukee Bucks lost their second straight game against the Heat, leading to them trailing 2-0 in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. The Bucks, despite having the best record in the regular season seem to be struggling in the Playoffs.

Richard Jefferson, an NBA Analyst on ESPN took it to twitter to say that Giannis is like Pippen and he needs his Jordan to win.

“I am not Giannis, Giannis is not me,” Scottie Pippen responds

Scottie Pippen, a Hall of Famer, 7 time NBA All-Star, 10-time ALL NBA Defensive Team, and 6-time NBA Champion was not happy with Jefferson’s comment.

Pippen hilariously fires back at Jefferson and asks him what did he do as a player.

Richard Jefferson, who retired in 2018 after 18 seasons in the NBA has only one championship, that too with the LeBron, Kyrie led 2016 Cavs. He averaged 5.5ppg over the season’s course. Other than that, there are no all-NBA selections, no All-Star selections to show for.

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Does Jefferson have a point?

We do not agree with what Jefferson says about Giannis being Pippen and him needing his Jordan. We do believe that Giannis needs a better support system.

The Bucks have a tendency of freezing up in the playoffs, and Giannis needs someone to help him carry the team when such a hump comes. No one in the Bucks, other than Giannis is even close to averaging anywhere close to their season total and that is causing visible trouble.

If the Bucks do not figure out a way to give Giannis the support he needs to get a ring, he may leave and join someone who might.


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