For fans of Big Ten and Pac-12 football teams, the college football season — in all likelihood — won’t be happening in 2020. The conferences voted to postpone their seasons until possibly the spring in response to the continued coronavirus pandemic.

The fanbases and players were understandably disappointed to be facing a reality of a football-less fall (a failed government response is to blame for that). And, well, Twitter Sports didn’t do those fans any favors on Thursday.

Just a few days after Twitter’s trends inadvertently listed Week 1’s canceled games over the weekend, that bug was back to seemingly single out Big Ten and Pac-12 games.

Ohio State was set to play Illinois. Arizona State was hosting Northern Arizona. Minnesota was ready to take on FAU. Talk about salt in the wound.

These similar errors were embarrassing for Twitter on Saturday, so one would have probably guessed that Twitter wasn’t going to make that mistake again, oh, five days later. But you’d be wrong.

Someone needs to let Twitter Sports know that the college football season has changed just a bit this year.


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