Mecole Hardman didn’t drop very many passes during the 2019 season, but apparently, that skill hasn’t carried over into 2020, because the Chiefs receiver had his biggest drop of the year this week. During the team’s Super Bowl ring ceremony on Tuesday, not only did Hardman fumble away his ring, but someone caught his big drop on video. 

Hardman and the rest of his teammates were at Arrowhead Stadium for the unveiling of the ring, and although things went smoothly for most of his teammates — like Patrick Mahomes, who proposed to his long-time girlfriend — the event started with a mishap for Hardman, who couldn’t quite get a handle on his new piece of jewelry. 

Here’s Hardman pulling his ring out of the box for the first time. 

Now, this might only be a 30-second video, but there’s a lot to unpack here. 

First of all, his reaction to the drop is absolutely priceless. As soon as he drops it, he looks around to see if anyone on the Chiefs social media team caught the incident on video, and of course, they did, which led to the reaction below. 

Mecole Hardman was hoping no one saw him fumble away his Super Bowl ring

“Hey, did y’all see me drop my ring?” Hardman asked. “Did y’all see that? Y’all gonna put it on there?”

Um, yes. As everyone knows, the first rule of the internet is that if you do something that might even slightly embarrass you and it gets caught on video, then it is definitely going to be posted on social media. 

“Awww, y’all can’t do that to me,” Hardman said. 

In Hardman’s defense, it would be kind of nerve-wracking to touch something that has 255 DIAMONDS ON IT, so I can see why he might have been kind of nervous. Of course, the Chiefs will be hoping he can put this case of the dropsies behind him by Sept. 10 when they’re scheduled to host the Texans in the NFL’s annual Thursday night opener. 

As for the ring, for a full breakdown of everything that was included in that piece of bling — besides the 255 diamonds — be sure to click here. You can also see a picture of the team’s ring below. 


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