Jamal Murray and the Nuggets complete a 3-1 comeback against the Jazz and the young star was pretty dejected when he got to know about the Clippers game.

Jamal Murray and the Nuggets started their 2020 Playoffs run with a huge 7 game series. The Nuggets got matched up against the Jazz for the first round, and what happened next was something no one could have seen coming.

The Jazz started the series off in a grand fashion, taking a quick 3-1 lead over the Nuggets. Game 4 was a hard-fought battle with both the Point Guards, Mitchell, and Murray scoring 50 points. Jazz nicked that game, but the Nuggets were nowhere close to done. Murray took over Game 5 and Game 6, scoring a game-high 42 in Game 5 and 50 in Game 6.

Game 7 meant no room for error, and hence both the teams locked down their opponent point guard. Donovan barely could get the ball in his hands and was on lockdown defense by the Nuggets all night.

Murray did not have anything easy for him as well. In a series where the two were averaging over 34ppg, Donovan was limited to 22, and Murray to 17.

Nikola ‘The Joker’ Jokic took over for Denver, scoring 30 in this crucial contest, including the bucket that gave Denver the 2 point advantage over the Jazz. Game 7 reminded us of the mid-2000s Spurs vs Pistons battles. It was defense-oriented and no team let the 0ther get any easy buckets.

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“We play Thursday?” exclaims a tired Jamal Murray

The Nuggets scripted one of the only 12 NBA 3-1 comebacks in history, and as a gift for being able to do that, they will now get to play against the Kawhi Leonard led Clippers in round 2 of the playoffs.

Jamal Murray was interviewed post the game, where he was informed about the Clippers playoff beginning in just 2 days time.

And when Jamal Murray got to know that they just have a day’s worth of gap between the matches, he was pretty bummed.

Round 2: Clippers vs Nuggets

The Clippers, who beat the Mavericks 4-2, have had plenty of time to relax and recharge themselves. The Nuggets on the other hand just finished their first series and won’t get a lot of time to do the same. How would this factor into the matchups?

This we would have to wait and watch, as the Nuggets take on the Clippers, for the Western Conference Semi-Finals on Thursday, 3rd September at 9PM ET.


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