Vernon Maxwell does not like Utah. Honestly, couldn’t tell you why though I’m also not entirely sure he’s wrong in his hatred for the state.

All we know is that he hates Utah, perhaps because his Rockets en route to back-to-back titles in the 90s. And he’s been trolling the entire state for years.

He made fun of them back in 2017 by saying that he didn’t know the state had internet — it was brutal. He doubled back and trolled them again earlier this year by saying a group of kids who couldn’t buy a bucket were the best shooters the state had to offer. Again, brutal.

This time, he’s going straight for Jazz. Immediately after the Jazz blew a 3-1 lead to the Nuggets, he fired this bad boy off.

YO. That’s rough.

First of all, blowing a 3-1 lead will always be hilarious. Those are just the rules of engagement here.

But when you consider the history between Maxwell and, well, the state of Utah? That’s when you realize this is actually a master class in trolling. This what Maxwell does.

We have evidence.

Bravo, Vernon. Bravo. Just brilliant. Sorry Jazz fans. I have no beef with y’all, but these jokes are hilarious.


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