In the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game between the Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees, Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman threw a pitch that very nearly hit Rays pinch-hitter Michael Brousseau in the back of the head. The 101-mph fastball just missed making contact with the Brousseau’s helmet. Chapman went on to strike Brousseau out to end the game, but afterwards some stare downs and bad words were exchanged before benches and bullpens cleared. It did not lead to a fight, though.

Following the game, Rays manager Kevin Cash had some interesting comments regarding the situation.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Cash said. “It was mishandled by the Yankees. Certainly the pitcher on the mound. It was mishandled by the umpires. Somebody has to be accountable. The last thing I’ll say on it is I got a whole damn stable full of guys that throw 98 mph. Period.”

During Wednesday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” Samson weighed in on Cash’s comments and believes that they’re grounds for suspension.

“That’s called a threat. That’s called a suspension for Kevin Cash,” Samson said. “It’s a guarantee that Major League Baseball will suspend Kevin Cash for those comments. They’re trying to protect the health and safety of players. What Aroldis Champman did is unacceptable. He’s going to get suspended. But Cash impugned Aaron Boone, Brian Cashman, the Steinbrenner family, every player on the Yankees. It was incredible. I haven’t heard a sound byte like that in so long where a manager goes after a team in that way.”

The drama began long before Chapman was in the game. Rays second baseman Joey Wendle was plunked in the back by a pitch from Masahiro Tanaka in the first inning.

Samson made the point that Chapman deserves to be suspended for throwing at Brousseau. However, he also believes that Cash shouldn’t have reacted in that way and basically threaten to retaliate.


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