Houston Rockets fans are troubled by the decision taken to assign Scott Foster as Crew Chief for Game 7, as according to fans he hates the Rockets. 

The Houston Rockets and the Houston Rockets fans received some troublesome news when it was announced earlier today that Scott Foster will be serving as Crew Chief for Game 7 tonight.

Many people know of Scott Foster as a respected, veteran official/referee but Rockets fan know Scott Foster too well.

The Houston Rockets have history with Scott Foster.

It all started when the Houston Rockets endured a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 3 of the first round, when Scott Foster was officiating.

The Rockets would go on to lose 6 more games in the Playoffs from 2017-2019 when Scott Foster was officiating.

When Chris Paul was on the Houston Rockets in 2018, he was quite outspoken about Scott Foster’s officiating. In a game in January 2018, Chris Paul received a not-so-deserved technical foul called against him. When asked about it in his postgame interview, Paul said, “Scott Foster at its finest.”

The suspicions behind Foster’s true intentions only grew larger when the Rockets lost a controversial Game 7 in the 2018 Western Conference Finals, which consisted of several missed calls, in favour of Golden State. Scott Foster was a referee that night.

Does Scott Foster truly have animosity built up towards the Rockets?

There is no denying that there has been a pattern of consecutive losses being endured by the Houston Rockets in pivotal Playoff games, with Scott Foster officiating.

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It has never been proven that Scott Foster has deliberately forced calls to go against the Rockets.

The ironic part of this whole fiasco is that Chris Paul, who has time and time again questioned Foster’s game-time decisions, is now on the opposing team. The internet is ablaze with memes about whether Scott Foster will favour the Houston Rockets here or Chris Paul’s OKC.


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