The NBA Virtual fans experience saw its first instance of ‘mooning’ in the bubble when an individual decided to have some fun on the LED fans screen.

Virtual fans in the NBA Orlando bubble have been a joy to watch. Adding to the experience in Disney World, these Virtual fans have provided players with a ‘virtual’ sense of normalcy.

Mexican waves, jerseys and weird costumes have dominated the Virtual fans screen and it was only a matter of time when someone did something NSFW there.

Mooning on NBA Virtual Fans screen

When the concept of the NBA Virtual fans was introduced, a lot of naysayers felt that unruly fans wouldn’t really behave themselves on camera.

In NBAs official memo about the Virtual fans, it was clearly stated that ‘objectionable and unruly’ behaviour would mean that the fan would be kicked out of the screen.

A pair of buttcheeks spotted on NBA fan cam wall during Rockets vs Thunder Game 5 from r/nba

The NBA ended up doing a good job of censoring fans, as this has been the first instance of ‘mooning’ that has been caught on camera. A pair of pretty cheeks were flashed on the screen by a fan, and were quickly censored away by the NBA.

NBA Virtual Fans has been a success

NBA and Microsoft have done a brilliant job of managing the Virtual fans in the Orlando Bubble. NBA fans all over have been curious about how to get on the screen and we have already created a step-by-step procedure for you.

Most teams have allowed fans to fill a form on their respective websites, whereas a few of them have contacted season ticket holders with emails regarding the same.

However, if you can’t find an email in your inbox or a form on your favourite team’s website, you have the Michelob Ultra Courtside campaign to your rescue.

You can either visit or follow their campaign on social media. With the playoffs in full swing, be part of history by signing up to be an NBA Virtual fan.


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