The Denver Nuggets beat the Utah Jazz in Game 7, 80-78, which is quite a low score in a Playoff game. Here we look at the lowest scoring NBA playoff game ever.

The Denver Nuggets met the Utah Jazz in Game 7 of the first round series against the Utah Jazz on Tuesday. The Utah Jazz led the series 3-1 but Nuggets star guard Jamal Murray willed the Nuggets into a Game 7 after a 50 point outing in Game 6.

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz has also put on a show this series, notching 2, 50+ point games in this series. The back and forth between Mitchell and Murray has been the talk of the series, with everyone debating who will go off in Game 7.

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The Nuggets and Jazz have a very low scoring Game 7 bout

The Bubble has been all about scoring. Many NBA analysts and even players, claim it is easier to shoot in the Bubble as the depth perception is much better than in a packed arena.

We have seen multiple games in the Bubble cross 130+ points with ease. So it was definitely perplexing to see 2 great offensively minded teams not even cross 80+ points in Game 7.

To put the score into perspective, Nikola Jokic’s 30 points, accounted for 37.5% of all of Denver’s scoring.

Now, while this was a low scoring NBA playoff game, it was no where close to the lowest ever NBA playoff game score(after the introduction of the shot clock)

Which is the lowest scoring playoff game in NBA history?(after shot clock introduction)

With the shot clock taken into consideration, the lowest point total amassed by 2 teams in a Playoff game was 130. This was ‘achieved’ in a 2002 Playoff game between the Boston Celtics and the Detroit Pistons. Paul Pierce had 19 points in this game.


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