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Latest On Lionel Messi’s Departure From Barcelona

Barcelona has what appears to be a desperate plan to try and keep generational superstar Lionel Messi on the team, and it involves Josep Maria Bartomeu. The club president is prepared to step down from his role if the Argentine decides against moving away from the club, according to ESPN.

Messi has had clashes with the club’s front office in recent months, and the supporters have turned on Bartomeu hard since the announcement that the Argentine wanted out, so it would be a relevant concession, but there’s no signal that it would be a successful play. The report references sources that note Messi’s decision to leave is firm. 

The 33-year-old Argentine international shocked the world on Tuesday when he told Barcelona he wanted to leave via fax. The decision appeared to be a result of pent up frustration over the aforementioned clashes and lack of success in Europe that has come from the club’s inability to put a roster with the right talent around him.

In response, some supporters went ahead and tried to storm Camp Nou in search of Bartomeu while protesting his handling of this whole situation. 

Messi notified the club of his intentions via fax, citing a clause that would allow him to leave for free this summer. Barcelona contest that usage of this clause expired earlier in the year, and remain steadfast in their belief that Messi’s playing rights are not for sale for next season.

Manchester City currently have the highest odds of getting Messi for next season.


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