Gilbert Burns took a cheeky dig at Ben Askren, after he gave his opinion on the potential Welterweight championship bout.

Gilbert Burns and Kamaru Usman’s much anticipated fight is set to complete its formalities and is on the way to become official. On September 1, this update was making rounds on every social media platform, and several posts regarding this subject were shared. Ben Askren picked one such post, and could not resist from typing his thoughts about the fight.

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Former Bellator Champion, thinks the Welterweight fight between Burns and Usman, will not be a sell-out fight and  wrote, it will be “Least watched title fight in UFC history”

Gilbert Burns Takes A Cheeky Dig At Ben Askren

The No.1 Contender for the Welterweight Title apparently wasn’t amused by Funky’s take on the fight, and hence took a jibe at him. Gilbert Burns sent a reply to the same post, and indirectly highlighted Ben Askren’s most embarrassing in-ring episode. No prizes for guessing, it is indeed the 5-second KO defeat inflicted by Jorge Masvidal on him in 2019.

Durinho further stated: “Sometimes I don’t want to roast this guys but they ask for so here it coming the boom roasted in a second.

Ben Askren is quite active on social media and co-hosts a couple of weekly wrestling podcasts. So, we might witness a reply from his end as well. However, what carries paramount value right now is the official announcement of the Welterweight championship bout, which is expected to come at any moment.

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