F1 2021 Calendar: Australian GP, the season-opener could be held in South Australia if Melbourne backs out due to coronavirus protocols.

The traditional Formula 1 season-opener Australian Grand Prix could be in jeopardy for the 2021 season. This after host city Melbourne’s state Victoria announced the extension of the covid-19 lockdown for the next 6 months. Australian GP is held in February, so this announcement could directly impact its scheduling. The Australian GP 2020 was also cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

South Australia to replace Melbourne as host?

If Melbourne pulls out, it presents an opportunity for Victoria’s rivals South Australia to bid for the season-opener. This was given a boost after South Australia’s premier Steven Marshall hinted at the same. He has confirmed the state would support the Grand Prix to be held in their town of Tailen Bend.

The circuit in question is The Bend Motorsport Park, located 100km from South Australia’s capital Adelaide. According to Marshall, The Bend is “one of the very best racing circuits globally”.

“We would look at every single option in terms of bringing events to South Australia.” 

“Of course it’s got to stand up from a commercial perspective. But to bring quality events to South Australia that promote economic activity, that get our economy moving, is exactly what we’re looking for at the moment.

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He however confirmed that they will not poach the race, and everything will be done amicably. The ball is completely in Melbourne’s court now.

“I think we’re in a very good position if the Melbourne Grand Prix doesn’t go ahead. We’re not going over to poach it, but South Australia stands ready with a fantastic track.”



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