Skip Bayless takes a jab at Chris Paul for generating bad team chemistry with constant feuds on prior teams.

On the latest episode of Undisputed, Skip Bayless was asked, “Who is it easier to root for? Houston Rockets’s Russell Westbrook and James Harden, or Oklahoma City Thunder’s Chris Paul?”

To this, Skip replied, “I have always found it difficult to root for CP3 because too many times, wherever he’s been, he has fallen into feuds and then fallen apart with a co-star.”

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This was an obvious reference to Chris Paul’s falling out with Blake Griffin on the Los Angeles Clippers and his sour relationship with James Harden on the Houston Rockets.

Skip Bayless added on with, “He’s just hard to handle.”

Skip Bayless talks about Chris Paul taking ‘cheap shots’ at players

Shannon Sharpe kept reiterating the fact that Chris Paul is the “ultimate leader” leader but Skip quickly fires back with, “How can he be the ultimate leader if he has a career long reputation of cheap shots and dirty plays?”

This is referring the makes times Paul has done some questionable things on the court, including, striking Ben McLemore in the groin in Game 3.

Is Paul a bad locker room guy?

Though there have been several times on past teams that Chris Paul has not been the best teammate, there is no doubt that the Oklahoma City Thunder have great chemistry, largely due to the fact that Paul’s teammates trust him and think of him as their unquestionable leader.

This is very evident on the court especially with Dennis Schroder and Chris Paul.

Skip Bayless did add one positive note that, “Chris Paul’s teams have done well when he is the leader of that team, with no other co-star.”


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