Andy Reid loves football a lot. But he might love cheeseburgers even more.

The Kansas City Chiefs head coach has never been shy about sharing his love for a good cheeseburger. After the Chiefs won the Super Bowl last February he let it be known that he was going to celebrate the victory with “the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen.”

So yeah, he loves cheeseburgers. There is no debate on this issue. None. The morning sports yelling shows can’t yell at each other about this topic because there is only one right answer here – Andy Reid LOVES cheeseburgers.

Well, the Chiefs are getting their Super Bowl rings tonight and Reid made it be known that he hopes this ring will help him secure some free cheeseburgers in the future:

Normally you’d say the old cliche that so-and-so will never again have to pay for a drink in the city in which he won a championship. But for Reid you can sub in cheeseburgers for drinks and I think it’s safe to say Big Red will never have to drop any cash on a cheeseburger in Kansas City ever again.

Man, now I want a cheeseburger.


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