The New York Mets continue to field offers for their franchise as the 2020 season rolls along. Over the weekend, a group of potential bidders led by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer withdrew from buying the team.

During Monday’s installment of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” Samson explained that the other bidders withdrew because billionaire Steve Cohen has been granted exclusive negotiation rights to buy the Mets.

“If you’re the Mets, you don’t want to grant an exclusive because it can have an impact on the other bidders,” Samson said. “Much like happened this weekend. When ARod found out that Steve Cohen had the exclusive, ARod backed out. Another bidder, Josh Harris and David Blitzer, they combined to form a team and they gave up.

“The other bidders dropped out once the exclusivity happened, which is what Steve Cohen wanted to have happened because he wanted to buy the Mets. ¬†What’s not being reported and what is critical is that’s it hasn’t been giving a time period.”

Samson noted that Cohen may only have the exclusive for purchasing the Mets for a certain period of time. Then, if Cohen can’t strike a deal, perhaps potential bidders re-enter the conversation. However, Cohen has already withdrawn once from negotiations with the Wilpons to purchase the Mets. It’s unlikely a deal won’t be struck at this point.


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