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GEICO 15 – MLB Trade Deadline Preview: NL Buyers

The 2020 MLB season is about a month old and we’re already past the halfway point. The shortened 60-game season has seen seven-inning doubleheaders and unique extra-inning rules. It will also feature an expanded playoff field, with 16 teams playing in October. There are plenty of moving parts this season, but one thing is for certain: Monday, Aug. 31 at 4 p.m. ET will be the last day teams have to add or subtract from their roster via trade. 

Below you’ll find every trade made since Aug. 1 as we move closer to Monday’s trade deadline.

Aug. 30

Aug. 29

Aug. 28

Aug. 28

Aug. 27

Aug. 26

Aug. 24

Aug. 23

Aug. 21

Aug. 19

Aug. 18

Aug. 14

Aug. 12

Aug. 11

Aug. 10

Aug. 9

Aug. 7

Aug. 5

Aug. 2

Aug. 1


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