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Highlights: Mariners at Padres

Against the Mariners in Petco Park on Thursday (SEA-SD GameTracker), Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. ritually abused a pitched baseball. Please enjoy the following color television footage: 

Slow-mo version forthcoming? Slow-mo version forthcoming: 

Yeah, don’t hang a curve to that guy. Perhaps we’ll take the over on that 448 feet figure. No matter, though — That’s a 110-mph blast that, like the man says, made it to the top of the already iconic building that’s an indelible part of Petco Park. That’s also Tatis’ 13th home run of the season, which nudges him past Jose Abreu for the MLB home run lead. 

As of that blast, Tatis in 2020 is batting .302/.380/.667 with 13 homers. Those are astounding numbers for any player, let alone a 21-year-old shortstop who also adds value running the bases. That’s also why Tatis is the NL MVP at the mid-point of the season. In matters related, his Padres are well on their way to making their first playoff appearance since 2006. 


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